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It’s that time of year again! Even if I don’t follow all of these blogs, these people are the ones who have most appeared in the tag, on my dash, and/or have provided a great backlog of quality stuff to keep things moving and shaking on this blog. They’re not all Robbie-centric but it doesn’t stop them being awesome.

misfitsworld   ❆ tendarsheehan   ❆ judging-owl   ❆ mysfits
gettingdrunkwithnathanyoung   ❆ dylanrodens   ❆ sirfaramir
nathanyoungs   ❆ bbusterbluth   ❆ quicksilvers   ❆ kimlennox
pwopermisfit   ❆ little-misfitsthings   ❆ everythingmisfits   
misfitsexual   ❆ robert-sheehan   ❆ chastainy   ❆ dakotars   
oistupidface   ❆ iheartsheehan   ❆ frankybluerichards      

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    OMG Manda !! what are you doing ??? thanks so much, your blog is the best, because i love Robbie, and i’m on your list....
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    omg manda!!!!!!!! i feel so, so grateful