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Supernatural problems: Misfits style

Anonymous : the links for love/hate aren't working :c

Thanks for letting me know! I will check them out.


22/04/14 “The Quiet Ones” - Los Angeles Premiere  »


Nathan ABC: Z is for Zany

Want To Go On A Date With Love/Hate Star Robert Sheehan? Gather Round, Ladies!


The Legend of Stanley Kubrick, from Room 237 to Moonwalkers

Moonwalkers will be the first feature film for Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, the director of many memorable and innovative commercials and music videos, and it has been written by Death at a Funeral’s Dean Craig.

Ron Perlman mentioned the film in his recent ‘Ask Me Anything’ session at Reddit, though he didn’t give away which role he’ll be playing in the film. As the only known American in the cast we expect he’ll take on the part of a Tom Kidman, a CIA agent despatched to England to find Stanley Kubrick in July 1969, in order to enlist the director in a project to fake the moon landing.

In this case, the counterfeit is only being prepared as insurance should the real Apollo mission fail. But Kidman’s own mission goes wrong first, and instead of recruiting Kubrick, the CIA man ends up working with a Swingin’ London rock band manager whose ideas of getting really high don’t involve him waiting for NASA to countdown from ten. Misfits‘ Robert Sheehan and Harry Potter‘s Rupert Grint will round out the film’s main cast.