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NOTE: I do not claim copyright over any of the links provided.

These links are maintained by me and me alone so it's difficult to keep on top of them all of the time - if a link isn't working please let me know but be polite about it. I'm maintaining these for your use and usually the files expire because people aren't clicking on them, so basic manners and courtesy is much appreciated.

Please note:

  • Some links expire because people don't click on them - for this reason, I haven't automatically put up DL links for the more unpopular files, but if you would like a link, please message me and I will try and make one for you asap.
  • HD files are too big for me to host - you need to search for torrents. I am not responsible for torrent links or seeds.
  • If you have no sound on a video file then you probably need to update/install K-Lite Codecs (Perian for Mac).

Since it takes a lot of time to constantly reupload individual links for the Misfits extras I've provided watch links and a mass torrent download.

I do not have Bel's Boys or Summer of the Flying Saucer. Bel's Boy's has not been released by Endemol UK, who hold the rights, in any way that I can get hold of. Summer of the Flying Saucer was never released due to a rights dispute.