current projects

Will you post links/are they available yet?
I will always post links whenever possible. Sometimes there might be a delay due to countries/time zones but I'll always do my best. If I haven't announced a new link on the blog then I haven't got it yet so please be patient.
What is Robert going to be in?
As of right now (January 2014), Robert is set to appear in Jet Trash (as both actor and producer), Begin the Beguine, The Road Within and Caesar.
Will you keep posting links after Robert has left a project?
Sorry, but no! This blog is entirely for Robert and anything that doesn't have him in any more will not be posted.

Movies/Shows etc

Where can I watch/download...?
All available links to watch and download Robbie's shows/movies are in the media section. It's divided into categories to make repairing links easier for me. TV shows are in the TV links section, movies are in the movie links section etc.
A link has expired
In some cases - such as with the original Immaturity for Charity link - I've been asked nicely to remove them, and that's why they are no longer there. Otherwise, please let me know which ones and I'll update them as soon as possible.
Your putlocker watch link doesn't work/says I need an account
You don't need an account and if it's a new link it does work. You need to click 'continue as a free user'. Click the play symbol on the video screen to watch your file.
Where can I watch Summer of the Flying Saucer or Bel's Boys?
A recorded copy of Bel's Boys was recently put online and then removed again (for copyright reasons I'm guessing). I'm sure new versions will spring up on YouTube though! Summer of the Flying Saucer was never released due to a rights disagreement.
Will there be a second season of Me and Mrs Jones?
Nope. Petitioners contacted the BBC and several big names who could have made a difference, but the end result is that the BBC felt that Me and Mrs Jones hadn't performed as well as it should have in its given slot and so it wasn't renewed.


Where can I write to Robert?
His agency. The address and advice on how to increase your chances of getting a reply are here.
Have you ever written to Robert?
Not yet. I will some day but for now I have nothing new to say so I don't think it's the right time.
Can you send something to Robert from me?
No. In the words of Hermione, I am not an owl. If you want to send something to him you should do it yourself. I'm not a go-between.


Why haven't you answered my question?
There could be several reasons if I haven't answered a question:
• I didn't have any time to answer it (I can't be 24/7 here, please understand).
• I didn't get it (tumblr eats my messages all the time).
• The question was hateful/bullying/racist
• The question has been answered (many times) before. Check out this FAQ or the ask tag.
• The question concerns Robert's (or other people's) personal life.
Why is anon off?
The anon is on again. Please don't abuse it.
If you blocked me, why?
I don't block anyone except for spammers.
I disagree with another message you received
Then take it up with them, please. I post most of the asks I get since I believe in freedom of speech and while I will do my best to avoid posting offensive, graphic and inflammatory messages, I'm not going to pander to everyone's butthurt. If you don't like what someone else said, talk to them about it.
What happens if people ask you the same questions over and over?
Simple answer? I get frustrated! I've written this FAQ to deal with repeatedly-asked questions. It's not like I'm not trying to help here, people! If you ignore these things and still ask me the same questions over and over, I'll answer privately so that my followers don't get annoyed. Which means you'll get the reply from my personal, since this is a sideblog.


How do you make your gifs?
I use Photoshop CS5 and a screencap programme. I don't share my colourings, sorry! But there are plenty of .psd tumblrs that can help you out there.
Will you post the full size of a picture you got exclusively?
Will you sell pictures to me/trade with me/tell me how to buy pictures?
Unless you can prove that you run a fan site or have proof of buyer/seller feedback I won't deal with you. I have no time for scammers. As for how to buy pictures - Google will be your friend as much as it was mine!
Can I repost your gifs/edits? What if I source you?
NO. I don't care if you source me, or if you make the 'I found it on weheartit/' excuse. If I see you reposting me I will report you to tumblr. REBLOG.
I don't like how many asks are on the blog
Then click the 'robert sheehan' tag. It's a no-brainer tag that I use anyway so that people can filter out asks and random unrelated posts when browsing the blog.

I will not stop replying to the people who have asked me something - I'm not rude. I will answer repetitive questions privately now, but I will still run my blog the way I want.
Why don't you post more of The Mortal Instruments?
I'm not a fan of The Mortal Instruments, but I won't ignore if there are some important news about this project. To me, it's just a project like any other and I don't think it deserves more attention than Robert's other work.


Where can I find this interview...?
I have a press section (linked in the sidebar) filled with articles/scans, video interviews and candid clips. The chances are what you are looking for is there. You can ask me about a specific interview but to be honest my brain is cooked from too little sleep and I might not remember.
How many followers do you have?
I don't know, I never check! And that's the truth. I'm appreciative of ANYONE who follows this blog and I don't want to be someone who turns that into an obsession with a number.
How do I use Hotspot Shield/proxies?
It's best if you don't ask me and speak to a professional. Risks I take with own PC aren't risks I want to take with yours! And if I gave advice and it didn't work you would want me to fix it and I won't know how. I'm NOT a technician.

Hotspot Shield will have troubleshooting guides on their site if it's not working right away. But I installed it and it worked immediately with no problems.
Promo for promo?
Will you make a blogroll?
Sorry, no can do - this is a sideblog!
What do you think about the old fans vs. new fans argument?
That old chestnut. I think it's a load of crap. I don't care how long you've known about Robert, or what other fandoms you enjoy. If you behave well, are respectful and mature, then it's all gravy.

I'm sick of hearing all the 'jealous haters' and 'hipsters' and 'they're just mad 'cos he's pupular!!1' bleats. The truth is that some people have badly in fandoms and THAT'S why other people don't like them. It has nothing to do with someone being an old or new fan and everything to do with how they act.
Where does Robert live? How do I find his family?
He lives in London. Even if I knew specific details of where I wouldn't tell you - the guy deserves his privacy like any other human being with rights so please leave him alone and be respectful. Same goes for his family - they're part of his private life which doesn't involve you, his fans. Leave them all in peace.
What is Robert's twitter/Facebook?
His twitter is @RobMSheehan. He has said several times in interviews that he has no facebook. I know that fans believe he has a personal facebook under a different name but I will not share it and I appreciate it if you don't either out of respect for his privacy if it is him.

Anyone who messages me about this facebook account or any other uncomfirmed accounts will be ignored and the messages deleted. I won't invade his privacy or be responsible for anyone else doing the same.
Tell me about Robert's current and past girlfriends?
No. Don't be so damn nosy.